Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What can I say?

Well, I've been pretty busy since returning home to Colorado in February.

Here's the update:

* got all new flooring in our house
* been doing other projects to our house
-painted the interior
-dad, uncle and josh and sarah came out to re-do our deck
-dad came another time to install new base boards
-dad phil has been switching out all the electrical outlets and switches to white
**just a few more projects and we're hoping to sell our house**
* Davey should be returning home in a couple of months and we are still unsure about our future plans...right now our plan is for Davey to put out some resumes when he gets back and see if anything interesting is offered to him...if not then Davey will stay in the Army and we are heading back to Georgia for Davey to take the Captains Career Course (he should make Captain in just a few weeks... big promotion!)
* While waiting for Davey to return home I am packing up the girls and heading out to Ca for a few weeks...we will be celebrating Serenity's 4th birthday while we're there.
* and on a sad note...we are currently looking for a new home for our dogs... with the 3 girls it is just too much right now and we want them to be happy with a family that can give them more attention than we are able to give them. Let us know if you know anyone looking : )

We are really looking forward to having Davey back. Serenity and Aylah are going to be so excited and Everly is really looking forward to meeting her daddy. This has been a really hard year for us, but we are almost done with this deployment and all I can say when it's all done is WE DID IT!!!! We've really been through a lot this year and it will feel good to be all under the same roof again. I am one of the lucky wives that gets a call almost every day now... it is really reassuring to at least hear his voice...even if the connection is bad and we only talk for a few minutes.

We hope the hundreds of people (ya right!) reading this blog are doing well and enjoying life!

Take care!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm not very good at this am I?

I really need to keep up with my blog. The girls and I are in Ca for a very loooong vacation and I think when I get back to Co I will be able to concentrate more on my blog...

Since last time:

*Vacation in Ca since Halloween
*Davey came to visit for 2 weeks, but he's back in Iraq now
*We were told we're having another girl
*My dogs are driving me crazy... but can you blame them? They don't enjoy vacation as much as we do
*I miss my house!!!

Hope everyone is well!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here we blog again...

Well, a lot has happened since I've written last. We bought a house in Fountain, Co. It's a real fixer upper. There is so much to do, I don't really know where to start as far as the big projects go.

Davey has left for Iraq. He is doing well.

Davey - If you're reading this we miss you so much! We got the movie of you reading last night and the girls watched it first thing this morning. Serenity was yelling "it's daddy, it's daddy" and then she carried the book around and read it all morning. Aylah watched the movie with a big smile on her face.

Here are the updates:

We had a flood the day Davey left for his deployment so that has been a lot of fun to deal with.

Serenity started gymnastics again. She loves it! She is doing really well at it.

Aylah will be 1 in about a month! crazy! I changed her into the forward facing "big girl" car seat and I think she likes it. I wanted her to get used to it before our next road trip home in about 3 weeks.

The girls and I will be coming to San Diego from Halloween until right after the New Year. It will be a fun trip full of lots of stuff to celebrate and hopefully it will make the time go by fast. While in California we will be celebrating Halloween, Aylah's birthday, Thanksgiving, my friend's Jillian and Rollin are getting Married, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Another friend, Maritza's wedding....I think that's it.

Me...well, I'm pregnant!!!! We're expecting our third baby in May! We are really excited!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Well, time flies by when you're always busy. Since Davey got home almost 2 weeks ago we have been non stop. The girls are getting into their routines again. We've seriously started shopping around for houses (we'll let you know how it goes). Aylah has 3 teeth now and I'm pretty sure she's working on her 4th. Serenity is getting really good at playing by herself in her room which is helping my sanity a little bit and keeping the house a little more straightened up.
Here are a few photos for ya'll to enjoy!!!

Serenity right before we picked up Davey when he returned from NTC
Davey and Aylah with a bow in her hair

Mommy and her little munch kin boo boo pants

Serenity pushing Aylah in her play stroller

Aylah is ready for the Army...Kidding! it's a joke and never going to happen

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cali trip...

The girls had fun...

Serenity got pink hair and her ears pierced...

Mommy and Serenity had a day to ourselves at the Wild Animal Park...But we missed Daddy. He comes home tomorrow!!! YAY!

Thanks to all our family and friends for making this trip so great. Love you all!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

coming to an end...

We will be heading back to Co on Thursday. Good bye Ca Sorry to those I couldn't see and to those I couldn't see enough. Thanks to those who I did get to see and I had a great time with. Hello to my Co friends and my house (which is waiting for me to clean).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

California trip update!!!

We had a little delay...Aylah got pink eye and had an allergic reaction to the first two medicines. Third one's a charm though! It all worked out though because we ended up leaving town the same day as Davey and he wanted us to stay with him as long as we could. He is currently at Ft. Irwin at NTC (national training center) doing his pre-deployment training. His plane ride over made a stop in Vegas and he could see the MGM Grand from the plane..was he disappointed he couldn't get off the plane. He then flew to Victorville and took a long bus ride to Ft. Irwin with about "80 people and a police dog" his words! Us girls had a little mishap on our road trip. We ran out of gas!!! We hit a 100 mile span of "no services" and I had 102 miles in my car, but apparently my car doesn't count gas correctly because we still had 35 miles to go to the next gas station when we ran out. We pulled into a rest stop and waited 2 hours from someone to bring us gas. We were supposed to make it to Vegas, but we stopped an hour and a half before to sleep..we got tired. We are now in Vegas spending the day with my brother, Clinton and tomorrow with my Grandma (the girl's GG) Shirley. We will be in Ca on Sat.... Hope everyone is having better luck than us!